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Regina Sanchez

Regina Sanchez

Welcome to my Website – Grounded in Wholeness and thank you for clicking on the About Me Page. This is probably one of the most important pages on my website for you to check out.

If you are considering a Health Coach, you want to be sure you feel comfortable working with that individual and that you have a level of trust with that Coach. You are obviously searching and seeking some answers to some of your health issues. I hope you can find those answers with my guidance.

So a little about me.

I grew up in the 50s/60s and it wasn’t until the late 70s that things began to change for me. My family is a blue collar/middle class family. My grandmother lived with us.   She was the old time Polish grandma whose main staple was dried meat and bland potatoes. Bless her heart … she wasn’t a great cook … except for a few things. My mom would come home and throw in a can of green beans or peas in the mix and that was our dinner.  Actually, my favorite was creamed corn. But our meals were not of the healthiest form.

In the late 70s early 80s, I developed “Typhoid Salmonella” poisoning and spent almost two weeks in the hospital. I was admitted with 107 degree temperature. They never figured out how I contacted this poisoning even though the Department of Health did a thorough investigation. In order to save my life, I was given bags and bags of antibiotics. It was a grueling process but I did get well. But a year later I developed chronic yeast infections. They were so bad that my legs ached. I went from Doctor to Doctor, treatment to treatment and to no avail. It still kept coming back. Unfortunately, I had to deal with this for a little over a year.

Finally someone recommended I see Dr. Leo Galland from the Gesell Institute out of Yale New Haven Hospital. He saved my life. Dr. Galland was an MD that practiced Integrative Medicine. He did a complete work up (physical, mental, spiritual, etc.) and determined that the antibiotics I was given the prior year had wiped out the normal bacteria in my body and I was overcome with yeast. He put me on a “yeast free” diet and some vitamins and minerals.   It completely healed me.  I never had a problem again.

Well being on a yeast free diet wasn’t easy. But I didn’t care. I spent a lot of money for his treatments and I also needed relief from what my body was experiencing. I would do whatever he instructed me to do.

This began my journey of reading labels, understanding what ingredients were and eating “cleaner.”

Now fast forward 15 years later and my second child Joseph is born. At about 18 months, he developed symptoms that he would awaken every night screaming in terror.   I didn’t know what it was and thought he had an ear infection. So I took him to the pediatrician. I was told “night terrors.” “Ok,” I said, “Now what do I do?” “Nothing,” the Doctor said, “He’ll outgrow it!” I was shocked. Outgrow it. That’s crazy. The poor thing was up multiple times during the night screaming. This is not normal nor how I believe God wanted my child to live.

That’s when my next level of research began and I discovered Dr. Feingold. Dr. Feingold believed that ADD, ADHD, night terrors, chronic ear infections, etc. had to do with the food colorings and preservatives in food. I put Joseph on the Feingold diet and his night terrors went away.  Thank God for natural remedies and getting to the root of the issue and not just medicating or putting a Band-Aid on it.

Working these past 3 years as a Professional Organizer and helping individuals organize their kitchen enables me to see the food in their pantries. It grieves my heart when I see the processed foods with toxic ingredients sitting on their shelves. Makes me want to help. Help educate people to understand the food they eat and how food manufacturers and our own Government are deceiving them.   I want to help them change to a “cleaner” way of eating.

It’s a process and a journey and doesn’t happen overnight. But the sooner one starts, the sooner ones health can start on a path of wellness. I would love to work with you to help you get “Grounded in Wholeness!”